Inspirational Work

Influence Map:

What influences my artwork and writing.

1. Hunter S Thompson
2. The unity and neat composition of Bottle by maddieart
3. Brom. An influence since I was a young adolescent; someone to aspire to.
4. The action of sitting and contemplating while absorbing nature, whether it be sitting on my porch, driving, or sipping my coffee. My particular blend? No. 27.
5. Flying vehicles, futuristic city scapes are a heavy inspiration for my writing. by JJasso
6. The vast beauty of this particular image fuels my creativity. Mountain Base by Grimdar
7. Fyodor Dostoevsky
8. I’ve been playing these games since the first one came out for PC: the fantastic series of Wip3out, Anti-Gravity Racing League.
9. James Gurney’s Dinotopia. Since I was a child. Probably what led me to be infatuated with sci-fi and fantasy.
10. Space. The unknown opens the imagination. Dissonance by thenavigator
11. Sandara and her work is something I wish to aspire to.
12. The clean and simple image, Space Yacht by Antifan-Real
13. One of my favorite pieces. Combines my love of books and architecture. by Laurente Menabe
14. A bit of gin and tonic always helps the muse. Cocktail by noch003

this meme taken from fox-orian’s Influence Map


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