The Final Empire: a Review

While it’s still fresh in my mind, let me capture the subplots in Mistborn to help me better rework the intricacies of Parallax.

Please note that there are a heck of a lot of spoilers in the proceeding content. If you’re planning on reading this book, ah, well, maybe you can skip this review!

– realizing the capabilities (yet still retaining the mysteries) of the Inquisitors (a version of the Sentinels.)
– Vin’s “forbidden” relationship with Elend (I don’t have temptations in my story, should I add some?)
– is Elend trustworthy?
– Kelsier’s brother Marsh (mystery), is he trustworthy, what is he truly capable of?
– the kandra (discovering the power of the mist)
– the backstory of Reene
– the Terrismen and their lore and capabilities
– are all her friend’s trustworthy (theme of trust)?
– what is Kelsier’s true plan? Is he bluffing? Why is he the way he is, what is his motivation besides personal revenge?
– who is the Lord Ruler?

– how can they defeat a seemingly immortal LR, what are his weaknesses? Kelsier has a clue, but Vin must discover the truth from the groundwork that Kelsier has laid out for her.

The Final Empire was a very well-written story, kind of remind me of Locke Lamora, which I suppose is because of the thieving underground setting with one character deciding to throw the dictatorship upside-down. Well with Lamora, he only confronted the nobility class and the hierarchy of the thieves to expose their lies and schemes.

The pace was fast for the most part, with quite a few twists and unexpected plot development. With all the ghostly internal reminders from Reen to Vin (now we understand why. He was with her all along, guiding her), I kept expecting someone to betray

Sanderson did an excellent job making the Inquisitors terrifying and heartless, keeping them anonymous until the very end (their anonymity made them more terrifying and ethereal). Their weakness is so obscure (what fiend doesn’t die after a beheading? And supposedly the LR was beheaded but he doesn’t divulge that concept, I’m curious to know) but so easy to hide because of their intimidation factor (pull out a spike, really? Clever, yet…disappointing, kind of). I’d still like to know how they survive spikes through their bodies. Maybe I missed it somewhere but I became under the impression that these spikes were pure metal or a mixture of all the metals. This is what would give them their inhuman strength with supernatural abilities with all metals in “easy” access.

Some of Sanderson’s plot twists were easy to predict, such as I already figured a couple scenes prior that the LR was a Feruchemist as well, I knew a scene prior that Kelsier was going to die (didn’t prevent me from crying though). I’m sure others made many more predictions than I, but I’m kind of a slow person, okay? But overall, like another reviewer has mentioned, don’t bring such a good book to family vacations: it makes you antisocial. I didn’t get too extreme, but I did turn myself into something of a recluse for the past few days.

I’m not so critical now, am I? This story didn’t annoy me at all. I read it in 3-4 days and I can’t place my finger on anything specific. This book is everything I expect from the fantasy genre, and I’m glad I was able to appreciate it now as a writer, rather than just whizzing through it in my younger days. Still, I got caught up in the action and I forgot about analyzing at certain points. Oh well. I certainly enjoyed it.


Because there is no such thing as a perfect book. But come on, that’s the highest score I’ve given yet!


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