The Red Forest

The Red Forest is a novel about a young man in search of his destiny. Life is horribly dismal, and some negative force, a bad karma, perhaps even the Devil himself, has made his life a living hell. Tragedy after tragedy, Celso Riddle keeps trudging on, until a final heartbreak causes him to throw all caution to the wind. In something of a subconscious suicidal mission, Celso will trespass the Iron Curtain in Europe despite all warning. What happens to him next is beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

Meet Celso Riddle. Bitter. Enlightened. Merciless. Profane. Resilient. The spark that will send this world reeling into a new age. Does he really care? Of course not.


All right, never mind the melodrama. The Story of Celso Riddle is my first completed novel, published through CreateSpace and available on and for the Kindle. I’m working on making it available for iBooks as well. Have to try and make the most of the ebook insurgency, right? and since I now loathe its alignment with my inner being today, as well as being utterly embarrassed by its quality, I’ve taken it off the market for now.
I fully intend upon writing a sequel to The Red Forest. Unfortunately, I have yet to think of the series’ title, so when the unfortunate time that occurs, the cover (and probably some of what’s inside the cover) will undergo some extremely minor tweekage.

The purpose of this page, my dear reader, is to serve as an intro to my first finished novel. The links to this book are in the fly-out menu above under “The Red Forest,” but if you’d rather know what those links are all about, then scroll down just a bit farther where I will freely expatiate upon them.

  • eDownload :: download the first 4 chapters of The Red Forest (there are only 13 chapters…not including the Prologue, which is, of course, included in the download) in pdf format…so it will be transferrable to your e-reader, if you so choose so. If you want to download it directly to your e-reader, those links are there, TOO(t).
  • Buy (the book) :: self-explanatory, no? Just an extremely short list of where you can buy this depressing book.
  • Xtraz :: this page is still under construction but I plan on adding pictures…sketches…and other superfluous and non-essential panache related to this story. May contain sequel information.

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