This may or may not be legit. Obviously, I’ve been blogging elsewhere(s) and WordPress has changed muchly from when I was here last. Truth be told, I hate social media. I like looking at pictures, I like writing, I like working, and the modern art and writing communities do nothing for me anymore. I express myself rather freely now because I really don’t give a damn. The art and writing community is nothing more than a giant “look at me” campaign, and 90% of the time, those with the loudest campaigns or get all the attention (basically, they just talk a lot) have very little talent.

But you can’t say those kinds of things anymore because someone’s feelings may get hurt.

Tired of playing the game /done

So that’s pretty much why I left social media, the two big ones, in any case, not including blogging for the public. Why must I feel compelled to have something useful for a stranger in every post? It’s why I gave up my other WP blog. We live in the Info Age now. I’m not going to teach anyone anything new, and furthermore, I don’t want to. I can barely maintain my real friendships, what the hell made me think I had time for internet friendships. It’s all very superficial, and life is too short.

So instead, I’m revamping this WP for my own entertainment: to house the occasional kosher book review, and for random posts about temporary interests.

Currently, I’m re-educating myself on Greek history and mythos, so expect a couple or few posts upon that… when I have the time for it. Working 2 jobs that amount to ~40 hours a week on top of teaching two middle grade students doesn’t leave me much time to kibitz very much.

9 Reasons Why I Don’t Use Scrivener



Getting the Same Results Without Scrivener

I’m tired of all these promo blog posts and articles and ads and on and on about how awesome and fantabulous Scrivener is. It’s a marketing ploy. I have nothing against L&L, their makers. Actually, I’m really glad for them. I remember them from way back in the day when they were not so publicized and popular, so kudos for them for pressing on and their success.

But back to my point.

I’m sure the program’s great for some people. They love it, they live in it, awesome. But isn’t writing about writing? Not about the software you use? Yeah, I can see how some software helps the writer, but it all boils down to the words on the page. Using a particular software, especially one tagged specifically for authors, is NOT, I repeat, not going to help somebody write better. Or be…

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Top 8 Miyazaki Films: #7


Princess Mononoke

txLN9i7The next few films in this list are here because, well, there isn’t any other place for them. They didn’t make me cry, and they didn’t really suck me head over heels into the story. Princess Mononoke (1997) is straightforward in its theme and message. While the main character, Ashitaka, is generally likeable, as is the secondary character San (Mononoke Hime), the story itself leaves a bigger impression, rather than the characters. The plot is very strong; the characters, not so much. This movie is probably the most graphic of his, what with limbs and heads getting blown off. For a Miyazaki film, I was really quite surprised.

The graphic nature is to reinforce the theme of the senseless violence that ensues out of hatred and greed. I suppose. Though the scenery, the character design, the creatures, i.e. all the visuals, reflected the Miyazaki trademark, the story was…

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