This may or may not be legit. Obviously, I’ve been blogging elsewhere(s) and WordPress has changed muchly from when I was here last. Truth be told, I hate social media. I like looking at pictures, I like writing, I like working, and the modern art and writing communities do nothing for me anymore. I express myself rather freely now because I really don’t give a damn. The art and writing community is nothing more than a giant “look at me” campaign, and 90% of the time, those with the loudest campaigns or get all the attention (basically, they just talk a lot) have very little talent.

But you can’t say those kinds of things anymore because someone’s feelings may get hurt.

Tired of playing the game /done

So that’s pretty much why I left social media, the two big ones, in any case, not including blogging for the public. Why must I feel compelled to have something useful for a stranger in every post? It’s why I gave up my other WP blog. We live in the Info Age now. I’m not going to teach anyone anything new, and furthermore, I don’t want to. I can barely maintain my real friendships, what the hell made me think I had time for internet friendships. It’s all very superficial, and life is too short.

So instead, I’m revamping this WP for my own entertainment: to house the occasional kosher book review, and for random posts about temporary interests.

Currently, I’m re-educating myself on Greek history and mythos, so expect a couple or few posts upon that… when I have the time for it. Working 2 jobs that amount to ~40 hours a week on top of teaching two middle grade students doesn’t leave me much time to kibitz very much.

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